Photograph of Nigel RennieBinfield Independent Conservatives (BIC) were formed specifically to fight a number of local issues that affect residents and where it is felt that the majority view is not being given consideration by the Council.

BIC is not affiliated to any political party and is an independent organisation offering the views of local residents.

At the 2011 Elections BIC received the votes of 1,059 residents by campaigning on the issues described below. In 2012 Nigel was elected to Binfield Parish Council having received nearly twice the number of votes as the opposition.

If you wish to help the campaign then join us and help to make a difference for you, your children and future generations.

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What we stand for

  • Bracknell regeneration was launched in a great fanfare of publicity 10 years ago. After years of complaint and derision the work finally started in July 2012 and the town is now being demolished, however instead of a phased development the whole project is being done at once. This leaves only a handful of shops for residents and worse is to come when Charles Square is closed off next summer. Many shopkeepers have complained that they were not compensated for the loss of their business and they were evicted. The Council in the main ignores public protest, and complaints by individuals are  brushed aside.
  • Blue Mountain Golf Course, which creates the green divide between Bracknell and the village of Binfield, is planned to be replaced with 400 executive homes, another Secondary school and a football stadium. This is bad for the environment and the community and needs to be stopped.
  • The Borough Council is planning to build 7,975 houses within a 4.5 miles radius of Binfield. This would increase the present population of some 7,500 to around 28,000 and is no longer considered necessary. A full review on the number of new homes is required and a policy of building on brown land in preference to green fields should be introduced.
  • Where are the infrastructure proposals to support this new town? In Binfield at the moment there is only one overcrowded Primary School and an undersized and even more overcrowded doctors surgery. The roads exceeded capacity years ago and public transport is almost non-existent. BIC believe that infrastructure needs to be continuous with house development and not an afterthought.
  • 40 of the present 42 Bracknell Councillors are Conservative, the remaining 2 are Labour. 6 of the 11 elected but unopposed Binfield Parish Councillors are Conservative and 3 are declared as Independent but nominated by the leader of the local Conservatives.  Even if you are Conservative this total lack of an alternative viewpoint is disconcerting. Who will voice your concerns? BIC wish to express the views of the majority of residents.
  • The majority of the planned new housing is on green land. BIC strongly believe that this is not necessary and that much greater consideration should be given to building on brown land.

It is the present Council that has made the present policies and they all vote the same way even if individuals do not agree. Let us see if they keep the many promises made during the 2011 campaign.

Join BIC today and help make a difference.

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